SKU: 240J7AA
HP 150 Wired Mouse and Keyboard Combo IT World
HP 150 Wired Mouse and Keyboard Combo IT World HP 150 Wired Mouse and Keyboard Combo IT World
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Rs. 850.00

  • This keyboard and mouse are ergonomically designed to fit your natural comfortable position. Left, right, and scroll wheel mouse buttons keep your motions in control.
  • With its 1600 DPI optical sensor, this mouse works on almost any surface with astounding accuracy. Stash it in your bag with your laptop and you'll be good to go.
  • LED indicators illuminate Number Lock, Caps Lock, and Scroll Lock so you don't have to guess what's on or off. One less thing.
  • This chiclet-style keyboard's design is sleek and silent to the touch. The low-profile design keeps keystrokes quick, comfy, and quite accurate... just your type.
  • Num pad and common controls are integrated with 12 shortcut combos with the Fn key—music, movies, volume, homepage, bookmarks, and email. Now that's a shortcut above.
    TypeKeyboard & Mouse
    Model Name (SKU)HP 150 Wired Mouse and Keyboard Combo (240J7AA)
    LEDNumber Lock, Caps Lock and Scroll Lock
    Compatible Operating SystemsWindows 11; Windows 10
    Hardware CompatibilityCompatible with PCs with available USB-A port.
    Operating SystemWindows, Mac, Linux
    Special FeaturesWired, Ergonomic, Optical
    Dimensions Without Stand (W X D X H)42.59 x 14.61 x 2.68 cm (keyboard); 10.34 x 6.11 x 3.42 cm (mouse)
    Package Dimensions (W X D X H)50.5 x 16.6 x 4 cm
    Minimum Dimensions (W X D X H)16.77 x 5.75 x 1.05 in (keyboard); 4.07 x 2.41 x 1.35 in (mouse)
    Package Dimensions (W X D X H)19.88 x 6.54 x 1.57 in
    Weight0.44 kg (keyboard); 0.06 kg (mouse)
    Package weight0.84 kg
    Package Weight1.85 lb
    Are Batteries Included‎No
    Compatible withALL PC, LAPTOP
    Weight500 g