Service Centre Terms and Conditions

1. Physical Verification: The material will undergo verification upon reaching our workshop.
2. Data Responsibility: Clients are responsible for software and data. Back up all data before submitting for repair.
3. Swollen Batteries: Swollen batteries, resulting from overcharging, are not covered under WARRANTY. Customers are responsible for swollen batteries.
4. Exclusions: Liquid damage, physical damage, and burnt products are not covered under WARRANTY.
5. Warranty Scope: This applies to defective items repaired. Not applicable to products returned as is or recalibrated without defects. Out-of-warranty products may differ from the original specifications.
6. Uncollected Laptops: Laptops uncollected for 1 month may be considered E-Waste; we are not liable.
7. Limited Display Warranty: 3 months limited warranty on displays; patches, single dots, physical damage, and liquid damage are not covered.
8. Illegal Software: We do not support illegal software. Technicians will not install or configure pirated software. A valid Windows license is required; illegal systems will not be serviced.
9. Advance Replacement: Faulty item must be returned for advance replacement (Minimum 15 days for warranty replacement).