Sales Invoice Terms

1. Goods sold will be accepted for Warranty repair/Replacement only if they are in good physical condition. Products received with Broken / burnt pins, pen / pencil markings, cracks, missing / tampered components or tampered warranty stickers will be rejected and considered warranty void. All products /peripherals sold vide IT World invoice and covered under exclusive specific manufacturer warranty will be repaired / replaced directly by the manufacturer or their authorized service center's only.
2. Goods once sold cannot be taken back or exchanged.
3. Goods are supplied at buyer's risk.Our responsibility ceases the moment the goods leaves our premises and IT World will not be liable for any loss,damage, theft or pilferage of goods / cheque / Drafts in Transit.
4. IT World recommends to use original software only.IT World in no way shall be responsible for any illegal software installed in the product bought from IT World.
5. Any Disputes arising out of any transaction / sale shall come under the exclusive jurisdiction of the court of Coimbatore for settlement of disputes.
6. IT World reserves the rights to reject any material received for warranty without manufacturer's original packing. Damages caused by mishandling or products through lack of knowledge, improper handling, burnouts and electric short circuits etc., will not be covered under warranty.
7. Any additions / increase in levies, charges, taxes,cess etc., which become effective on or before the date of dispatch shall be payable solely by the buyer and any omission in the invoice must be communicated to us immediately as no alterations will be made at the time of settlement.
8. Buyers are requested to check and affix their signature in the sales invoice as acknowledgement of receiving the products from our end after receipt of the same.